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The success of any convention depends on a cadre of dedicated volunteers. Please select the options below that interest you and click the "Submit" button.

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I will be arriving early (before Wed., Nov 9) and would like to be pre-convention volunteer:  Yes      No
I will be staying late (after Sun., Nov. 13) and would like to be a post-convention volunteer:  Yes      No
I will arrive in Stamford on:
I will depart Stamford on:
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Please check all that apply; you may volunteer to help in several capacities. (If you like being surprised, or can’t keep secrets, be careful what you volunteer for!)
Assist Registration/Check-in Chair Michelle Palmer:
Help assemble tote bags and registration materials on Wednesday, Nov. 9:  Yes      No
Help assemble tote bags and registration materials on Thursday, Nov. 10:  Yes      No
Work the registration tables
on Thursday, Nov. 10:
 Yes      No
Work the registration tables
on Friday, Nov. 11:
 Yes      No
Assist Raffle Chair Sue Ellis:  Yes      No
(This entails setting up raffle displays; selling raffle tickets; staffing the raffle room [providing vigilant eyes]; and packing up raffle items at the end to get to winners.)
Assist Competition Chair Val Hays:  Yes      No
(This entails setting up competition dolls and displays and staffing the competition room [providing vigilant eyes].)
Assist Auction Chair Ben Grundfast:  Yes      No
(This entails setting up auction dolls and displays; staffing the auction room [providing vigilant eyes] during preview times; acting as a bid spotter during the live auction; monitoring/closing silent auctions; and assisting with the auctions by displaying dolls, cheerleading bidding enthusiasm, collecting money.)
Be a Volunteer-at-Large, assisting the “Fab Five? / “Magnificent Seven? (or whatever it is they’re calling themselves these days):
Move/unpack boxes and prepare gifts/centerpieces:  Yes      No
Help dress centerpiece dolls:  Yes      No
Distribute gifts at Thursday’s
pre-convention reception:
 Yes      No
Be a “tour guide? / ?responsible adult? on bus tours or other extra-conventional trips:  Yes      No
Work Convention table in salesroom:  Yes      No
(This entails answering conventioneers' questions; selling convention merchandise; staffing the sales room [providing vigilant eyes]; and making copies or running errands.)
Pack up absentee packages and help ship: (Sun. or Mon., Nov. 13 or 14)  Yes      No
I can help operate audio-visual equipment, or I have computer/technical skills, and would like to help out Technical Director, Sue Ellis with entertainment, presentation, and audio-visual support.  Yes      No

If you need more information, or have any questions, send an e-mail to Elaine Posanka.

Thanks for your interest!

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